Damaged Heater Replacement

Electric services

Damaged Heater Replacement

We replace a leaking and damaged water heater with a brand new 40 gallon water heat within one hour.


  • Date: 4th May 2015
  • City: Los Angeles, CA,
  • Service: Electric services
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Beautiful Home Light Installation

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Reputation is everything and our work is quality.

American Reliable Services has made it on my speed dial list at home for emergency needs! One evening, my living room and hallway recess lighting started to turn off as my laundry was on. I figured it was probably because I had so many recess lighting installed on my ceiling but didn't sound right. I called American Reliable Service and they sent a very kind gentleman over to look at the problem. He immediately went to the circuit breaker and found that some were damaged. I asked him to have t
Wow. I am extremely impressed with ARS!!! Let me start with the problems that arose and how ARS responded quickly, efficiently, and very professionally. The central heating/air condition system and a part of our home's electrical system somehow broke down tonight. I live in Eagle Rock and it is currently very cold thanks to everything breaking down at the perfect time. Tried resetting the breakers...that didn't work. I then called several companies and right off the bat they quoted me at outrag