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Los Angeles is one of the largest cities in the US and at the same time it has a population of around 3.7 million people. The things that characterize Los Angeles are definitely it’s one of a kind Mediterranean climate, as well as the celebrity culture, the movie and TV industry, traffic, unique buildings and the ethnic diversity. As you would expect, in such a large city you can always find a variety of electrical problems, and this is why you need to contract the services of Los Angeles Electrician, so you can solve them immediately with astounding results.

Why work with Los Angeles Electrician?

We are the best company to solve all your electrical issues, because we have a reputable team of experts that are renowned all over the US for their professionalism and great results. At the same time, we are an established company and our staff is very professional, friendly, exactly what you need at all times.

What does Los Angeles Electrician offer?

Once you work with us, you can rest assured that you will receive a 100% customer satisfaction! Not only that, but we pride ourselves with the fact that our staff is not only fast during the repair process, but the repairs are done at a high quality. And as if that was not enough, they also clean up after the repair process in order to be certain that you will obtain the results you need, fast and with high quality in mind. We ensure you that there will not be any surprises when it comes to pricing as well, because the prices are shown up front before we start the repair, just to make sure that you always know how much the repairs will cost, while also losing the hidden fees that other companies tend to include.

At the same time, we are performing background checks for our employees and, what’s even more important, you will have the opportunity to be fully satisfied with the results, not to mention that they will last for a very long time and years to come!

What we offer?

It doesn’t matter the size of the job you want us to undertake, instead we can fully provide you with astounding results at all times. Rest assured that nothing is more important for us than your ultimate satisfaction, and we use only the best equipment in the industry to make sure that we pinpoint any issues fast. Not only that, but we are also offering you a wide spectrum of professional services that are specifically tailored towards your needs and expectations. We also work close with the local community and create connections so you will receive the best results fast!

Other services that we offer include:

  • 120/240V appliance circuits
  • Smoke detectors
  • Surge protection
  • Main electrical panels
  • Light switches
  • Electrical outlets
  • Indoor/Outdoor lighting
  • Attic fans
  • Circuit breakers


Los Angeles Electrician brings you all the high quality electrical repairs you ever needed, so if you do encounter such an issue, all you need to do is to contact us right away and you will surely appreciate the high quality repairs provided by our team. For the best prices, high quality results and a friendly team to work with, head on to American Reliable Services right away!

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American Reliable Services has made it on my speed dial list at home for emergency needs! One evening, my living room and hallway recess lighting started to turn off as my laundry was on. I figured it was probably because I had so many recess lighting installed on my ceiling but didn't sound right. I called American Reliable Service and they sent a very kind gentleman over to look at the problem. He immediately went to the circuit breaker and found that some were damaged. I asked him to have t
Wow. I am extremely impressed with ARS!!! Let me start with the problems that arose and how ARS responded quickly, efficiently, and very professionally. The central heating/air condition system and a part of our home's electrical system somehow broke down tonight. I live in Eagle Rock and it is currently very cold thanks to everything breaking down at the perfect time. Tried resetting the breakers...that didn't work. I then called several companies and right off the bat they quoted me at outrag